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Must-Haves: Holiday 2020!

Our Holiday gift selections are here -

These are our top picks of the best selling items this Holiday Season, for kids of various ages!

Written by: Mamma Manhattan This post may contain affiliate links and Mamma Manhattan may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. Neither Mamma Manhattan nor YardKid accepts payments in exchange for product inclusion or recommendations.


1. Walkie Talkies


Walkie Talkies

An updated classic! These also come in green and blue  $22.99

Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids, 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Kid


2. Marvel Advent Calendar

Marrvel Funko Advent Calendar

For any Marvel enthusiast, this Advent Calendar is a must-have! Good luck training your kid on the benefits of delayed gratification! $58.95


3. Scratch off Map


Scartch off travel map

Get the kids excited for 2021 traveling while they scratch off all their previous US and Global travels. At $19.99 it's a steal - the US map is an included bonus! 


4. Creative Stationary Set with Wooden Stamps


Creative Social Stationary DIY


Alas, you may have thought the art of letter writing was long gone. As it turns out, kids still love to write, draw, and receive their own mail! Set them up with this set, tell them who to write to, and they'll be entertained for at least an hour! $24.16

 STMT Social Stationery by Horizon Group USA


5. My First Vespa!


This one's too easy to fall in love with! For the little ones, aged 3+, as they first learn to balance. $109.99

Janod Scooter Mint Balance Bike Ride On, Mint


 Top 100 Holiday Toys on Amazon


6. Genius Starter Kit


 Genius Starter Kit


Bring out the genius in your kid with this iPad kit for Math, Spelling, Problem Solving and Creativity. Ages 6-10 $99.99

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad


7. Zero Mess Coloring


Crayola Color Wonder

This is not only great for your own kids (and traveling!), but it's also great to have an extra on hand at your house, to avoid messes from your friends' kids.  $22.99

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Art Desk with Stamps



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