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Create a pirate themed birthday party

There is never a bad time to throw a pirate themed party and look for cool pirate party ideas. Of course there’s always Halloween — and then today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. (One of our favorites!) But it’s a cool birthday party theme all on its own, and it doesn’t even have to be all Pirates of the Caribbean themed either.  So thanks to printable decor and activities, crafty DIY shortcuts,  movies on demand, and clever but easy cupcake decorating ideas,  it’s possible to pull together a cool pirate themed party (or pARRRty) for your kids and all their best mateys in just a matter of hours.

Easy pirate party decorations

Haunted Pirate Party Printable Collection by Paper and Cake ($19.95)

Start off your pirate themed party by decorating — the easy way. This mega set of nicely designed, downloadable pirate printables covers banners, invitations, doubloons, food wrappers and picks, straw flags, signage, cut-outs, favor boxes…you name it. And several items are customizable, should you wish to personalize your Grog bottles. Print at home if you’re the sort of Captain who works fast under pressure. That be not me, yarr. So your local print shop is another smart option

Easy pirate party games + activities

Pirate movies, matey

There are oodles of fun pirate-y flicks for the kids to watch on Netflix or Amazon. My particular favorites would be The Pirates: Band of Misfits for little kids, and for adults, like me, who love Wallace and Grommit. Little kids will also dig a screening of Muppet Treasure Island, which you can always keep on in the background of any party. For tweens and teens, there’s the old standby Hook, the ageless romp of Goonies, or the more recent pirate movie release Pan. And for pretty much everyone, there’s of course Pirates of the Caribbean. You really can’t make a bad choice.

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