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Shop: Great books for family discussions

With over 2 million books in print in various languages and on several continents, Parenting Expert and Children’s Author Julia Cook’s successful strategy is “Read a Book, Teach a Child a Life Lesson.”  Her books have won multiple accolades, including several AEP (Association of Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Awards, Mom’s Choice Awards and National Parenting Seals of Approval. My Mouth is a Volcano is being adapted as a musical and recently landed on Red, White, and Rude: Picture Books to Help Politicians Behave Better on the Campaign Trail by www.readbrightly.com, a Penguin Random House Company. $8.79


Julia’s newest book, Judgmental Floweris very timely and helps parents and teachers talk to children about racism and prejudice. With all the recent atrocities in our world and abroad, we need to embrace our differences and realize that, though we may look different or have different customs, the bottom line is the majority of us want peace and kindness. Children are not born judgmental or prejudiced.  They learn it. The Judgmental Flower offers a great opportunity to teach and model emotional intelligence skills and responses through characters (flowers) that children can identify with. $6.67

“In order to grow in the right direction, you first must OPEN YOUR HEART. If you can learn to celebrate differences, being judgmental won’t pull you apart. It’s all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, based on communication and trust. Ask questions and be a good listener. Talking is a MUST!”

Julia is a former teacher and counselor who has authored over 70 books published by the CDC, Boys Town Press and the National Center for Youth Issues. Topics include time management, anger management, disasters, anxiety, depression, video game and cell phone addiction, stranger danger, good hygiene, even Boogers – yes, nose boogers!  $7.39



Julia Cook’s gift is the ability to effectively translate important adult, behavioral and mental health information into kid language.  

Several of her books – the RJ series – are especially helpful to children on the autism spectrum and have been endorsed by the Alaska Department of Education. Her books have also been endorsed by EAGALA, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Chidhelp, Darkness to Light, USA Volleyball, the Alaska Department of Education, the CDC and the list goes on. Julia’s books have been featured in Parents magazine, The New Yorker, The Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Fatherly.com, and CNN’s Headline News. To order, and for more information, go to www.juliacookonline.com.

From Dennis Laporte, momblogsociety

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