FAQs | Backyard Discovery & Odyssey

When should I expect my delivery?

  • If you ordered a play set, it will be delivered via setting an appointment with the delivery company. The delivery company will call you to set your appointment date and time. The earliest arrival date is represented in the shipping map in the "shipping" tab, pending your scheduling.
  • If you ordered a playhouse or small accessory, it will be shipped via regular shipping (such as with UPS or FedEx). See the "shipping" tab for the shipping estimation map. You will receive a tracking number within 1-2 days of placing your order.

Does the ground need to be completely flat?

  • Yes, for safety reasons.

What is the warranty?

  • Please see the "Warranty" tab. Detailed warranty information is also included in the Owner's Manual within the "Info" tab.

Can I use sand or mulch for the base of the play set?

  • Sand, mulch, and other soft materials are great for the ground under the play set area. However, the play set should NOT rest on these materials. You MUST make sure the ground is level and firm. You must also secure the set with stakes provided. Once the play set is securely resting on these solid footings, then you can surround it with sand, mulch or another soft material.

How much area is required for the play set?

  • We recommend a 6 foot perimeter around the set and above it for maximum protection against interference with other yard items.

I didn't buy the add-on assembly option. How should I start the assembly?

  • We strongly recommend taking out all the parts and laying them on the ground before beginning with assembly. Match the parts to the list in the manual and mark them. This will help you identify all parts and confirm you have the right parts / right number of parts. Also, read through your owner’s manual from beginning to end to understand the flow of assembly, this will save you confusion and time. Once everything is laid out, begin assembling step by step from the manual.

Can I call a different assembly service?

  • You may call any service you'd like. Our service is familiar with our products, but you are free to call another service. That said, please inventory all parts FIRST, before the contractor begins any work. If any parts are missing, let us know so we can send you the parts. We'll send them free of charge. We are not responsible for any damages or any service fees incurred by a third party service.