FAQs | Best Ride on Cars

When should I expect my Ride on Car?

  • Ride on cars usually ship within 24 hours, from the Dallas warehouse

The car does not turn on.

  • Check the wire connection on the battery and fuse.

The car doesn't turn only goes forward and back.

  • If it does not turn with the steering wheel then connect the "J" bar correctly.
You can hear the motor running but, the wheels are not turning. 
  • Please check that the correct tire is connected to the motor. The motor wheel has a gear on it that can only be installed on the motor axle.

Car does not work with the remote? Remote is stuck.

  • Please check if the remote has battery.
  • Please make sure that the car is on RC mode (remote control mode).
  • Please make sure that the car is within the range of the remote.
For Q731 the car goes backwards when you select forward and vice versa.
  • Please interchange the motors to rectify the issue.

How do I connect the remote to the RA Bentley?

  • Open the seat, the open the black panel with four screws. You will see a black plastic part with a big sticker where all the wires connect. Loosen the two screws and retrieve the panel. Then press the small button on the black part. While holding it down, turn on the car and then turn on the remote.

No sound coming from the car.

  • Make sure that the mp3/AUX cable is disconnected
  • Make sure that the volume is turned ON