Safety | PlayStar

All PlayStar playground equipment is designed to enhance your child's physical development and social skills. It is thoroughly tested in technical and real world situations to assure your family many years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

A Leader in Play Set Safety

PlayStar subscribes to the strictest standards of residential play ground equipment. They are an active member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). They meet all United States C.P.S.C. (Consumer Products Safety Commission) Safety Requirements.

All PlayStar Swing Sets feature:

  • No protrusions or entrapments
  • Guardrails on all slide and climber openings to protect children from potential falls
  • Wider swing spacing to avoid accidental body contact
  • Safe, Spacious non-conflicting play zones
  • Patented Third Leg on all Swing Beams at Tower to Add Stability
  • Swing areas limited to two activities between posts for safe exit and entry
QUALITY - PlayStar Wooden Swing Sets are Built to Last
  • PlayStar DIY playground equipment include exclusive, patented products, heavy-duty hardware and high-density polyethylene playset accessories. Your backyard play equipment will stand the test of time because:
  • Seats are manufactured for superior strength, flexibility and comfort without sharp chains underneath needed for support
  • Chains are made from welded links for maximum strength and rubber coated for a no-pinch grip. Will not peel or allow water to penetrate like chains with a sleeve
  • Swing hangers are dual fastening and fasten through two separate boards in swing beam for added security
  • Hardware is demonstrably thicker, 42% stronger and hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion or failure
  • Swing set Accessories are larger, more durable and designed specifically to fit children ages 2 to 10 and to withstand the rigors of outdoor backyard play.
Value and Customer Satisfaction
  • Consumer Surveys consistently award PlayStar 99% Customer Satisfaction ratings.
  • PlayStar provides a great number of activities and play deck space for your investment.
  • PlayStar is the only swingset manufacturer to offer 3 distinct Assembly Options (Built it Yourself, Ready to Assemble, Factory Built) for your individual lifestyle.
  • Each Play Set has a Full Ten-Year Warranty.